A light through wind chime (Part1)

A short comic I did for my previous company’s artbook , “Little Giant - Crescent” . I was procrastinating until the last minute… it was rushed, so I’m not too happy with the colors, but who to blame but myself.

It’s a 12 pages comic, but tumblr only allow 10 images per post… so I need to split it into 2 different posts. Read part 2 here.


A light through wind chime (Part2)

Part 2 of the short comic I did.

I’m fond of heart-warming stories with a hint of fantasy in it.

Part1 is here.


Let’s Get Real About Concept Art by Anjin Anhut


"If you are a learning or aspiring concept artists, please know that it is not a crutch to use photo references or to overpaint a 3D rendering. It is not lacking skill to use line work instead of painting your designs or to grab an AK-47 from a licensed library instead of drawing it yourself. All those methods are smart thinking in many many professional situations, which makes you a more productive and valuable concept artists.

You need to be smart about the tasks ahead and honest with your methods. Illustration is illustration, concept art is concept art. Make sure to not confuse the two, just because games culture somehow missed out on giving them distinct labels.”


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sad ghost out


Sherlock/The Last Unicorn (movie version)

haha I’m such a fucking nerd



John would die. But - he’s not gay! Obviously. Of course not! For sure! He just loves Sherlock more than anybody else.

certainly T___T

love the flower detail~




Stormy Sunset Over Vancouver BC - Photographer